We work with clients to extract additional value from video content.  

What We Do

We are tireless in our effort to bring insight into our client’s videos.

We’ve developed several products:

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  • An end-to-end video search, curation, and discovery platform

  • A TV and Movie video search engine

  • A social optimization platform for finding and sharing resonant clips across chat and social networks

  • Gamification of video content

What We Produce

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  • Rich, layered video analysis

  • Clips, playlists, and re-assembly of videos

  • Cross-video executive summaries

  • Advanced search, ultra-fast navigation

  • User content curation and tagging

  • AI concepts, object ID, sentiment analysis

What we’ve done

We work with studios to help promote their upcoming films as well as private companies who want greater visibility into their ever growing video libraries. We’ve also used our own technology to prove out social and engaging features on our own websites.

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