Helping companies extract value from their video content.



YARN is a Movie and TV Show video search engine. Millions of people use YARN every month to find clips for use in chat, social networks, and blogs. YARN untaps the hidden value in video content. We do this by transforming videos into thousands of tiny clips to be used across social networks, chat, and games. By interacting with YARNS we raise awareness of content, drive traffic to content providers, and increase loyalty to theaters.

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Universal - Jason Bourne

For the “Jason Bourne” film (Universal) we created a "Never Ending Jason Bourne Quiz", by analyzing all Bourne franchise films we created 35,000 YARNS.

  • Try the quiz:, a YARN is played and the user has to select the correct Bourne film.

  • This quiz kept users engaged for an average of 40 questions.

  • Users spent 5 times longer in the quiz than watching the trailer alone.

  • Super fans spent HOURS engaged with the quiz.

  • The quiz is viral, users can challenge their friends to see who is a bigger fan.

  • Daily winners of the quiz can win movie tickets, concession stand items, and theater loyalty points.

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Paramount Pictures- xXx: Return of Xander Cage

We worked with Paramount to create a social campaign around the Return of Xander Cage trailers and marketing videos. YARNS were created, indexed by Google, and spread across Twitter and Facebook.

  • 150 YARNS were created.

  • The YARNS are indexed by Google and rank very high in specific searches, 13% of the YARNS were the top search result and 65% of the YARNS were on the first page of search results.

  • Over 15,000 minutes of YARNS were consumed across social networks.

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Broad Green Pictures - Bad Santa 2

We worked with Broad Green to promote Bad Santa 2 across social networks and chat.

  • 212 YARNS were created

  • 25,000 minutes of video were consumed, which is more than 17 days worth of 2 second clips

  • High specific Google SEO, 40% top result, 75% of the YARNS on the first results page

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Universal - Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

We created a Bridget Jones Quiz to raise the awareness of the new film and bring back die hard fans.

Abundance 360

Abundance 360 is Peter Diamandis’ and the Singularity Universities annual futurist conference. We analyze the conference videos for search as well as extracting concepts and keywords. We do facial recognition of speakers and OCR slides and match them to the augmented playback of the video.


Arup is a multinational professional services firm headquartered in London which provides engineering, design, planning, project management and consulting services for all aspects of the built environment. With over 13,000 employees across 90+ offices in 35 countries and a massive video content library. We analyzed videos using a custom DSL and created a deep search engine for internal use. Videos and clips can be summarized by discipline and organization hierarchy.